Download SAS Planet Nightly All versions 2017-2019 - GIS English

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Download SAS Planet Nightly All versions 2017-2019

Last updates : 09-12-2019 
GIS English SASPLANETSASPlanet is a program designed for viewing and downloading high-resolution satellite imagery and conventional maps submitted by such services as Google Maps, DigitalGlobe, Kosmosnimki, Yandex.Maps, Yahoo! Maps, VirtualEarth, Gurtam, OpenStreetMap, eAtlas, Genshtab maps, iPhone maps, Navitel maps, Bings Maps (Bird's Eye) etc., but in contrast to all these services all downloaded images will remain on your computer and you will be able to view them, even without connecting to the internet. In addition to the satellite-based maps you can work with the political landscape, combined maps and maps of the Moon and Mars.

Last google satellite map version : 860

Last version Nov. 2019Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.191204.10086.7z (10mb)
How to fix SAS Planet Error? Windows Defender Block sasplanet.

Nov. 2019 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.191122.10064.7z (10mb)
Oct. 2019 Download (11mb)
Jul. 2019 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.190725.10015.7z (11mb)
May. 2019 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.190512.9938.7z (11mb)
Avr. 2019 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.190426.9895.7z (11mb)
Mar. 2019 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.190330.9855.7z (17mb)
Feb. 2019 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.190219.9825.7z (23mb)
Jan. 2019 Download (23mb)
Dec. 2018 Download (23mb)
Oct. 2018 Download (23mb)
Sep. 2018 Download (23mb)
Sep. 2018 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.180831.9797.rar (19mb)
Aug. 2018 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.180806.9783.rar (19mb)
Aug. 2018 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.180718.9781.rar (19mb)
Jul. 2018 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.180706.97751.rar (19mb)
Jun. 2018 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.180626.9771.rar (19mb)
Mai. 2018 Download SAS.Planet.Nightly.180523.9751.rar (18mb)

warning : Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Runing this app might put your PC at Risk ... more info .. don't run

GIS English 2019
Download SAS Planet Nightly All versions 2017-2019 Reviewed by Jamal CHAAOUAN on December 09, 2019 Rating: 5 Last updates : 09-12-2019  SASPlanet  is a program designed for viewing and downloading  high-resolution satellite imagery  and convention...
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  1. its interesting to add into sas planet, bcs the imagery supply uptodate imagery by month by day. Thanks

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  3. I can't export a KML file, as in the picture below.

  4. Map (Google) not showing the most update data yet.