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World Weather Records

World Weather Records
Official WMO world weather records: here |
Sources: DWD, NCDC, Perth Weather Centre, MeteoSchweiz, Kenos's Weather Center, Ed's Weather, Guinness World Records
Source: Arizona State University

Highest maximum temperature
56,7 °CNorth AmericaDeath Valley (USA)10.07.1913-54 m, Greenland Ranch
14,6 °CAntarcticaHope Bay05.01.197415 m
53,9 °CAsiaTirat Tsvi (Israel)21.06.1942-220 m
53,3 °CAustraliaCloncurry16.01.1889190 m, Queensland
50,7 °CAustraliaOodnadatta02.01.1960-
50,0 °CEuropeSevilla (Spain)04.08.18818 m
42,2 °COceaniaTuguegarao (Philippines)29.04.191222 m
48,9 °CSouth AmericaRivadavia (Argentina)11.12.1905206 m
57,7 °CAfricaAl'Aziziyah (Libya)13.09.1922112 m;
void since 2012 (**)
Highest mean temperature (year)34,6 °CAfricaDallol (Ethiopia)6 years79 m;
Nov. 1960 to Oct. 1966
Highest temperature at south pole-13,6 °CAntarcticaAmundsen-Scott27.12.19782800 m
Lowest temperature-23,9 °CAfricaIfrane (Morocco)11.02.19351635 m
-89,2 °CAntarcticaVostok21.07.19833420 m
-69,8 °CAsiaWerchojansk (Russia)07.02.1892107 m
-69,8 °CAsiaOjmjakon (Russia)06.02.1933800 m
-23,0 °CAustraliaCharlotte Pass29.06.19941755 m, New South Wales
-55,0 °CEuropeUst-Shchugor (Russia)unknown85 m
-63,0 °CNorth AmericaSnag (Canada)03.02.1947646 m
-11,1 °COceaniaMauna Kea (Hawaii)17.05.1979-
-10,0 °COceaniaHaleakala (Hawaii)02.01.19612972 m
-33,0 °CSouth AmericaSarmiento (Argentina)01.06.1907268 m
Lowest mean temperature (year)-55,1 °CAntarcticaVostok1961-19903420 m
Greatest average annual rain amount10287 mmAfricaDebundscha (Cameroon)32 years9 m
11872 mmAsiaMawsynram (India)38 years1401 m
8636 mmAustraliaBellenden Ker9 years1555 m, Queensland
4648 mmEuropeCrkvica (Bos.-Herz.)22 years1017 m, Queensland
6502 mmNorth AmericaHenderson Lake (Kanada)14 years4 m, British Columbia
11684 mmOceaniaMt. Waialeale (Hawaii)30 years1569 m, Kauai
10790 mmSouth AmericaQuibdo (Colombia)16 years37 m
Record annual rain amount26461 mmAsiaCherrapunji (Indien)1860/611313 m; 01.08.1860-31.07.1861
24-hour record rainfall1870 mmAfricaCilaos (Reunion)15/16.03.1952Indian Ocean
12-hour record rainfall1340 mmAfricaBelouve (Reunion)28.02.1964Indian Ocean
1-hour record rainfall304,8 mmNorth AmericaHolt (USA)22.06.1947Missouri
1-minute record rainfall38,1 mmCentral AmericaBasse Terre (Guadeloupe)26.11.1970Antilles, Caribbean
31,2 mmNorth AmericaUnionville04.07.1956-
Highest average number of rainy days (year)325OceaniaCampbell Island17 years19 m; 1941-1957; South Pacific
325South AmericaBahia Felix (Chile)--
Least average annual rain amount<2,5 mmAfricaWadi Halfa (Sudan)39 years125 m
0,7 mmAfricaDakhla (Egypt)53 years111 m, 1932-1985
~20 mmAntarcticaAmundsen-Scott10 years2800 m, South Pole
46 mmAsiaAden (Yemen)50 years7 m
103 mmAustraliaMulka42 years49 m, South-Australia
163 mmEuropeAstrachan (Russia)25 years14 m
30 mmNorth AmericaBatagues (Mexiko)14 years5 m
227 mmOceaniaPuako (Hawaii)13 years2 m
0,5 mmSouth AmericaQuillagua (Chile)37 years1964-2001
1 mmSouth AmericaArica (Chile)59 years29 m
Greatest snow accumulation (year)28,96 m
26,10 m
North America
North America
Mount Baker
Rainier Paradise Ranger
Washington (USA)
Washington (USA)
Greatest snow accumulation (month)9,91 mNorth AmericaTamarackJan 1911California (USA)
Greatest snow accumulation (day)1,93 mNorth AmericaSilver Lake14/15.04.1921Colorado (USA)
Greatest average sunshine duration (year)4040 hNorth AmericaYuma (USA)28 years65 m; 1951-78
Lowest verage sunshine duration (year)478 hSouth AmericaOrkney-Islands62 yearsSouth Atlantic
Highest sea level air pressure (*)1083,8 hPaAsiaAgata (Russia)31.12.1968263 m; Northwest Sibiria
Lowest sea level air pressure870 hPaOceaniaNear Guam12.10.1979Typhoon "Tip" Pacific Ocean
Maximum wind gust408 km/hAustraliaBarrow Island10.04.1996Tropical cyclone "Olivia"
372 km/hNorth AmericaMt. Washington (USA)12.04.19341918 m; 10-min-average; New Hampshire
Maximum wind gust416 km/hNorth AmericaMt. Washington (USA)12.04.19341918 m; New Hampshire
Maximum wind gust (lowlands)333 km/hArkticThule (Greenland)08.03.1972-
Greatest temperature range (year)106,4 KAsiaWerchojansk (Russia)-107 m;
-69,8 °C, +36,6 °C
Greatest temperature range (day)57,2 K
55,6 K
North America
North America
Loma (Montana, USA)
Browning (Montana, USA)
-47,8 °C -> +9,4 °C
+6,7 °C -> -48,9 °C
Minimum temperature range (year)11,5 KOceaniaSaipan (Mariana Islands)-Pacific Ocean;
(31,4 °C, 19,9 °C)
Greastet average yearly number of thunderstorm days251AfricaTororo (Uganda)10 years1967-1976
Greatest distance traveled (single tornado)469 kmNorth AmericaIndiana, Illinois (USA)26.05.1917no permanent ground contact
Widest tornado (diameter)1600 mNorth AmericaMulhall (USA)02.05.1999Oklahoma
World weather records:
Depending on the source, the information is more or less different. Sometimes the location or date of the records do not match. Smaller (rounding) errors are also caused by the conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius and inches to mm or m and vice versa. 

(*) On 19 (21 UTC) and 20 January 2010 (00 UTC) the stations 44221 Gandan Huryee and 44224 Tsetsen Uul (both Mongolia) reported values of 1086.2 and 1086.6 hPa. However, the stations are located at altitudes of 1,421 and 1,928 m above sea level, and with temperatures of -44.5 and -42.7 ° C at the time of recording, a reduction of the air pressure to sea level is subject to big errors and is inadmissible. Thus, these values do not represent valid world records. 

(**) On 13 September 2012, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) invalidated the 90-year-old record from Libya. The reason given is erroneous measurement conditions: Official press relase. Since then, the Death Valley in the USA with 56.7 °C on 10 July 1913 is official record holder, where on 12.07.2012 also the officially hottest night was recorded with a minimum temperature of 41.7 °C.

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